In order to hypnotize someone, there’s a set of skills you need to learn to be successful. Conversational hypnosis works by inducing a trance through language, speech and suggestion. As you can imagine, these are some of the skills you’ll need to acquire. However there are other related skills that you’ll need to hypnotize someone in addition to conversational techniques.

One key component to hypnosis is signal recognition systems. These systems enable you to see when your subject is entering a hypnotic trance. You need to learn to hear, see and feel when this change starts to occur. By doing so, you’ll know when to change your technique from inducing a hypnotic trance to techniques to implant suggestions. In addition, people move in and out of hypnotic trances during their daily activities. Think of the last time someone was “zoned out” in a line, on a train or in front of a television. By understanding signal recognition, you’ll be able to recognize when people around you enter a trance on their own.

Another skill you need to hypnotize someone is rapport. For hypnotism, this is more than just striking up a good relationship or creating a good first impression. You need to develop a deeper relationship that allows you into your subject’s mind. The reason for this is because you cannot hypnotize someone who is unwilling. By creating rapport, your subject’s immediate barriers and resistance will disappear. In order to do this, you need to create a strong bond with your subject. This is a very powerful connection that needs to be treated with respect.

Not surprisingly, you need to learn the language that will work to hypnotize someone with conversational hypnosis. You need to learn how to shape a conversation so that the words you are saying create a hypnotic trance. You’ll use cues from your subject in order to do this and immediately recognize what you need to say in response.

Authority is another skill you need to develop to successfully hypnotize someone. If you are not the authority in your subject’s hypnotic state, any suggestions you give them will not take hold in the unconscious or conscious mind. Again, this is where language and conversation techniques come into play. The phrases you use will establish your authority so that your subject’s mind will accept them.

Believe it or not, in order to hypnotize someone you’ll need to learn to tell stories. This is the most effective technique you can use to eliminate resistance. You cannot hypnotize someone who is not willing, so this is another fundamental skill you need to learn. Storytelling allows you to bypass a mind’s filters that throw up resistance to being hypnotized.

To actually put someone into a trance, you’ll need to learn to deal with the unconscious mind to hypnotize someone. You do this through conversational inductions. Learning this skill will allow you to move seamlessly from a normal conversation to language and words that will gently guide your subject into hypnosis.

Finally, you need to learn conversational trance formulas. It will be easy enough to get someone into a hypnotic state, but then what do you do? These are formulas that get your where you want to go and what you want out of your subject.

This article only briefly touches on the art of conversational hypnosis and learning to hypnotize someone. It really is a set of skills you need to master and practice to be successful. With training, anyone can master these skills.

Craig Holtz – Craig Holtz has been interested in hypnotism since he was a teenager. He currently does research for articles on this subject.

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