Did you know that a person can be hypnotized while fully awake? It is possible, yes, but it takes a lot of practice and knowledge of techniques on hypnosis. But before you get to learn how to do hypnotism, you must first understand:

o You must never ask a person in trance to do harm to himself and to other people. While in a Hypnotic State, the mind bypasses all conscious thinking – even if the hypnotized subjects are fully aware of what is happening to them. They tend to believe and accept all the suggestions thrown at them, thus, making the hypnotized susceptible to any wrong doings if told to do so. It’s not just unethical but it is morally wrong.

o The hypnotized will say that they did not feel anything at all. Well, that is true. Hypnotism is pretty normal and regular in feeling. It does not feel otherwise, but it does not mean the hypnotism didn’t work.

o If you want to know how to do hypnotism, you must be able to cast out fear from yourself and of the hypnotized subject. If fear is present, the hypnotism will be difficult to achieve.

o When you say SLEEP, it does not necessarily mean sleeping. It is just a term used to “close the deal” on the hypnosis, making the subject able to open his mind to suggestions.

o The purpose of the hypnotism is to achieve a certain goal of change. Establish that beforehand with the subject. He or she must be fully aware of its point.

How to do hypnotism with the Handshake Induction technique.

o Be in a quiet location where you and the subject are both able to focus and concentrate. Sit in front of each other. This is the first step.

o Put your hand out and ask the subject to put his hand over yours – you are both touching each other’s palms.

o Look straight in each other’s eyes and command the subject to continue on looking until you say stop, look away or act in another way.

o Tell the subject to press his or her hands on your hands. Command him or her to push harder. Do this continuously until you feel that the subject is pushing his or her hand even if you stop talking.

o Tell the subject to close his or her eyes, or you can also close his or her eyes yourself with your other hand.

o Now this is very important to master on how to do hypnotism. Command the subject that even as he or she is pushing down his or her hand on to you, he or she is feeling tired, beat and exhausted. Make him or her realize that he or she is falling asleep so he or she can relax and be refreshed. You can say words like: You are feeling very heavy. You want to fall in to a deep relax mode. Your eyes are getting droopy. Then say, sleep.

o Move your hand away from his or her hand right after saying the word sleep.

o At this moment, the subject must be in a hypnotized state since he or she is following your orders. Here you can suggest on things he or she wants to achieve – which is the purpose of the hypnotism itself.

o After everything said, you can abruptly end the session by saying: You will wake up after the count of 3. 1-2-3 and the subject will wake up, refreshed and renewed.

This is my favorite technique on how to do hypnotism.

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