Thousands of people all over the world want to learn how to hypnotize free. However, are free techniques, secrets, tricks and tips enough? Or do you need to spend money on a hypnosis course that will reveal more powerful techniques. Today you are going to find the answers to these questions, as well as be given a basic, free hypnosis script and conversational strategy that you can use to persuade and hypnotize people easily, quickly and permanently.

How To Hypnotize Free In Three Simple Steps-

1. Find a person whom you wish to hypnotize. This person will be your “subject”. They should not be anybody who has had hypnosis training, be it formal or informal, or somebody who works in psychology or psychiatry as they could possible latch on to your attempts to hypnotize them. If their subconscious mind detects this, it will shut down and stop being receptive.

2. Begin to engage in normal, regular conversation with your subject. Because you are just starting to learn how to hypnotize, one of the easiest techniques you can try is to persuade the subject to do something that they already have a want to do. For example, if your subject wants to go and play paintball in the weekend, encourage them to go and play paintball. They will be receptive to your ideas as they are what they actually want to hear.

3. This building up of an open conversation with your subject will allow you to gain access to their subconscious mind, without them ever detecting it. After you have done this, you can begin to persuade them to do things that they would not have been receptive to otherwise. To continue with the previous example of paintball, you could hypnotize your subject into buying a paintball gun from you. A phrase that would work well in this situation would be something like “if you’re going to play paintball then you need a good gun don’t you?” They will most likely answer yes to this, in which case you continue with something like “I have a gun that is very easy to use, accurate, reliable (give benefits) if you used it and it improved your playing skills, you wouldn’t regret buying it off me would you?” The answer to this question will likely be a yes, as what sort of self-respecting paintball player would not want to improve their game?

As you can see, you can hypnotize free using techniques that don’t cost you anything. Also, there are a number of excellent free hypnosis courses that are available over the Internet- some of which are far better than expensive paid courses.

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