The hypnotist walks on stage and the audience quiets in anticipation. They’re ready for some entertainment and some are ready to be part of it. Before the hypnotist performs, he asks the audience to clasp their hands together. He uses a strong authoritative voice and then tells them that no matter how hard they try, they can’t separate them.

His voice is rapid and he repeats the phrase several times. At the count of three, everyone tries to separate their hands. Some can, those that can’t are perfect candidates to be on stage.

There are several different types of hypnotism. All of them have the same thing in common, the goal is to reach the subconscious and plant suggestions. The stage hypnotist uses suggestions that lead to an entertaining goal. The hypnotherapist uses a different style that promotes trust and encourages the patient.

Theses are not the only forms of hypnosis. Every day people are subjected to a form of hypnosis and they never realize it. This form of hypnosis comes from television commercials, or it might even come from the salesman at the local car dealership.

Many of the same techniques of the stage hypnotist find their way to the average individual. Even though these people often don’t realize that they’re actually reaching your subconscious, they do and with it, persuade you to buy their product. Maybe the vehicle is a red sports car and you really wanted a four-door sedan. Maybe the price is a lot more than you want to pay. It doesn’t matter, you believe it was your decision and you want that car.

I’ve given you some links to some incredible tutorials that teach you how to perform this type of hypnosis with a minimal amount of effort. Please check them out below.

Club hypnotists are often magicians and mentalists. Penn and Teller investigate many different things and hypnotism was one of them. Penn explained that James Randi says that hypnosis is nothing more than an agreement between the operator and the subject to fantasize together.

Many hypnotic subjects report that they knew that their shoe wasn’t a dog, or that it wasn’t a Martian spaceship but they also could see it and it was fun to go to the alternate reality.

The super salesman does the same thing. He talks with clients and helps them visualize the scene he wants them to see. He “hypnotizes” them into seeing his vision and enjoying the journey. A good salesman, after all, can tell you to go to hell and make you look forward to the trip.

Once you learn the art of daily hypnotism, you don’t control the subject you’re working with but actually give them permission to follow the picture that you created. Your voice is reassuring and demeanor is confident. You form a picture for their mind, their ability to fantasize takes over, and they fill in the blanks. They actually feel the pleasure as you walk them through each step of visualization. This way, they never stray from your goal.

CJ Johnson, a noted stage hypnotist says that he helps his subjects relax and talk them through the process. As they begin to interact with his suggestions, they start to see them in their head, all the while, knowing they aren’t real, but it feels so good, they follow the instructions.

Eventually the audience members that he hypnotized follow all his suggestions.

You can have the same effect on those around you when you learn the proper voice modulation, art of suggestion and patterns of speech. You change the way that people treat you, how much they respect you and literally get they to follow most of your ideas. It takes some practice on your part but gives you a definite advantage over others that you compete against.

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