As you go further along in the quest to learn how to hypnotize using the piggy back hypnotic induction, you also take your suggestions a step higher than the initial state of relaxation that you have achieved. The last step in the piggy back hypnotic induction will be to continue your statements gradually making them less truthful. You will be changing the type of true statements that you are making, you will give them a ‘guessed’ truth instead of the sensory rich statements you have been using up until this time.

The statements you have been using as you learn how to hypnotize are all about things the person can see, hear and feel. These can become detectable and predictable very quickly. Eventually as you continue through the progressive cycle, that is this induction, you will be making only stand alone statement for your subject to take in and act out.

Now you have learned how to absorb the attention of your subject through the piggy back hypnotic induction, there is one more factor that you need to be aware of. This type of induction can be done directly or indirectly.

When you use this induction as a very direct induction the suggestions you attach to the true statements will use words that are directly related to hypnosis or going into trance. For a less direct induction approach you will use all the same steps only you will utilize more indirect trance themes, use related but somehow detached terms. When you apply the indirect way of using the piggy back hypnotic induction you will be able to conduct the induction without mentioning anything in reference to hypnosis and trance, this is still as effective as using the direct approach.

As far as the induction itself goes it matters not whether you choose to use the direct or indirect approach. Choose your approach depending on which is more suitable for the situation. In due time as you learn how to hypnotize you will get more skilled at choosing the correct approach, for now just do what is comfortable to you. You always have the option of merging the two, direct and indirect, to come up with something in the middle.

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