Inducing a hypnotic trance is only one of the 7 steps of hypnosis, but it is also perhaps the most difficult…

What is a hypnotic trance?

A hypnotic trance is the hypnotist’s term for the state of being when a person has been hypnotized, and is more open to the power of suggestion. This state varies a bit however, mostly depending on the subject, and may range from a completely willing and open person to someone only open to suggestions they would normally find acceptable.

So Lets Learn How it is Done…

A Little Sample Hypnotic Trance Induction

Now take a deep breath, while you let it out allow your eyes to relax… your eyelids are feeling heavy. Allow them to close. Continue to relax your eyes, allow them to feel comfortable closed, your eyes want to stay closed. Once your eyes are perfectly comfortable and relaxed allow them to stay that way. Are your eyes feeling heavy, does it feel good to have them closed?


Good, let them stay that way, don’t give it another thought. You’re perfectly comfortable.


Alright, since you’re feeling so relaxed lets allow that sensation to spread throughout your body. Feel it in your feet, from the tips of your toes to the last strand of hair on your head.


Very good, you’re feeling much better now, so relaxed and at ease.


Now I’m going to ask you to take some deep breaths, inhale deeply and exhale very slowly. Follow the breath from your lungs all the way out of your body. Allow yourself to relax more and more with each breath until you are more peaceful than ever before.


Now take 10 deep breaths, slowly, follow the air in your mind. Feel it flowing in and then out. Feel relaxed. Good.


You’re now completely relaxed, as peaceful and calm as you’ve ever been. You feel perfect.

This was a mock hypnotic trance induction script. There’s still 6 more steps to fully performing a hypnosis, but hopefully this gives you a little peak at how to induce a hypnotic trance. Good luck!

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