Alright you ready to learn an easy way to hypnotize someone?

I am not talking about your usual stage hypnosis here either. I am talking about cold hard covert hypnosis, the technique of hypnotizing someone in conversation.

I could go on and on on ways to hypnotize someone in conversation, but here I am going to teach you one powerful technique.

It is the one word, “Because.” Alright before you hit the back button or close that browser, here me out!

Because is known as one of the most powerful and influential word among manipulators.

Because means there is a reason, but maybe it is not said. Now what does this have to do with learning how to hypnotize a person?

A lot. You see you need to use linking words to give commands, in fact sometimes a good command can be given to a subject that is not in trance.

Because enables you to do this, for instance saying to someone “will you turn on the lights because it is dark in here?” Has actually been scientifically proven to work better than “will you turn on the lights?” Or “will you turn on the lights? It is dark in here.”

It was proven by a man Milton Erickson, famous in his ability for not only being to hypnotize people easy but teach people how to hypnotize a person easily.

I dare you to try it, turn around use it right now! If you don’t get a good response then I honestly will eat my headphones right now.

Well maybe not.

Ok so you ready to learn the hypnosis part? This can be done by a thing known as “Pacing and leading” What you are doing is pacing and leading the brain. Do this through linking words like because and you can be persuasive.

For instance “As you are sitting in your chair, comfortably sitting and listening to me, I would like you to pay attention to me just for a minute because what I have to tell you is important.”

See? You already made them feel comfortable without them knowing it! And using linking words they will feel they need to pay attention. This also puts them in a trance when you lead on their brain.

There are three steps to hypnosis:

1. Rapport (comfort)

2. Trance

3. Command

The pacing and leading example above does all of them.

So if you really want to learn how to hypnotize a person I suggest you practice all of those.

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