Conversational Hypnosis is a very complex and highly sophisticated art which you will do through hypnotic induction. It is completely a natural process and you will understand that there are many pieces that you need to master in to become expert in conversational hypnosis. As you do this, you will be adding other pieces that will all fit together to create a beautiful hypnotic flow of language. If you do not take care of the pieces, you will have problems fitting all the pieces together at the end.

The first step in your nine steps mastering conversational hypnosis is foundation of your education. In this step you will learn to use your linguistic bridges, the purest of language and you will combine it with hot words and amplification languages. You will also start to incorporate ambiguous messages and confusion languages.

In the next step you will add some more concepts to the first step and you will create the right environment, a hypnotic atmosphere. The tools you use to seduce the people through hypnotic induction, into trance include status, wide rapport, rapport hooks; fractionate rapport and some instant rapport techniques. All these helps you to create the type of hypnotic atmosphere you need to achieve.

In step three you will be refining your process by adding solidarity. You will add in the hypnotic gaze induction using 4stage protocol which includes hypnotic gaze, holding the gaze, lowering your tone, focusing through your listener and describing the trace experience.

In the next step you will be introducing piggy back induction where you will be using multiple topics yes sets and piggy back suggestions. This is very important step as the piggy back induction is powerful and important program in hypnosis program.

Next is trance voice induction which includes conscious and unconscious voices and multiple hypnotic voices.

In step six you will be refining the process even further by using stories and sensory rich descriptions to layer in your suggestions and trance themes.

After mastering in step six you will move on to the next step seven where in you will include all framing aspects of maintaining your frame, pre-framing, reframing, and de-framing. These can be strengthened by using assumptions and implications.

Now you reached to the next step eight of conversational hypnosis, where in you will be adding to your trance process, the trance formulas you have learned including the PCAT and COMILA.

Finally, the ninth step, which includes all the eight steps then adding that nested loops. In this you will use all the basic, intermediate, advanced and master level loops.

Though it appears to be very complicated and in depth, you will be perfecting one step at a time until it comes naturally then move on to the next step of hypnotic induction till you become a master in Conversational Hypnosis.

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