Ever wish you had a Secret self hypnosis technique that your friends didn’t know about, that you use to attract Beautiful Women? I’m about to tell you about my Number 1 secret tool that I use to get things such as Super Hot women, Money, and Fast Cars! You’ll learn how to hypnotize yourself and Improve your Confidence by at least 200%.

Here it is: (I use this one all the time)

**This is actually my number one technique and it works like a Charm!

The first thing you do is write down whatever it is you want. Then write down your hypnotic suggestions along side it. The suggestions will be spoken while you visualize whatever it is you want.. You start by completely clearing your mind of any thoughts. Blank your mind out entirely. (This has to be done to prevent your conscious mind from interfering with the suggestions that need to enter your subconscious..very important) Now visualize what you want while saying aloud your hypnotic suggestions. That’s it. *depending on where you are with the understanding of the “laws of Mind” or “laws of attraction” results may vary. **I’ve been meditating for years so performing this technique on myself is quite simple.

There are several ways to hypnotize yourself and increase your confidence. I like this one the most because it utilizes the law of attraction and results come quickly!

You should already be aware that Your life mirrors your thoughts and Your beliefs. If not, you’re not on top of your game and should become More Aware of how the universe operates. With that knowledge comes more Power. And with more power comes Responsibility. That’s what most are afraid of. I used to be a wuss too. (When I was 12)

Now that I showed you my number one, I’m going to reveal to you my number two. Its much easier, works just as well, and you don’t have to know how to meditate to see results Fast!

This self hypnosis technique can have you feeling like a Super Stud so everywhere you go women seem to magically be drawn to you. This technique will increase your confidence and put it on Nitro. All you have to do is have the Intention to. Only If you can devote just 15 minutes a day to Improve your confidence, you can Also learn how to hypnotize yourself to make quadruple what you’re making and finally get a gorgeous babe to like ya! (Guaranteed)

Amos Gazelle – ” The ultimate nature of reality is that it is mental. The universe is made up of conscious, living and intelligent energy that is Mind. …

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