Are you interested in learning how to hypnotize people? Well, there are many different ways to hypnotize someone. While some methods of hypnotizing may be difficult and will take years of practice, there are a few methods that are easy to perform as well as easy to learn.

The first and most common way to hypnotize someone is by using progressive relaxation. In this method you help the person get into a completely relaxed state of mind. When their mind is at ease then their thoughts will flow freely, making it easy for you to make suggestions to them. While your subject is in a relaxed state they will naturally feel that the things you say are very sensible. You can use this method to help someone to change some of their unwanted habits. You can help a person feel more encouraged to eat healthy and go to the gym. Your subject does need to be willing, they will not act as if they are your slave, but you can help strengthen their will to stick to their diet if that is what you are hypnotizing them for.

Another way to hypnotize people is with covert hypnotism. This method is done by mimicking your subject. You will need to practice so that your actions will be very subtle, but you simply try to copy the person’s actions making them subconsciously think that you are similar to them. This will make the person believe that what you think and say makes sense and they are more likely to agree with you and listen to you. There are a few methods to practice, but without too much work or too much study you will soon know how to hypnotize people.

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