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If you’ve ever been to a stage hypnosis show, you may have been quite impressed with the seemingly magical feats displayed by the stage hypnotist. Perhaps you thought that you too would like to learn stage hypnosis, and how it works. In this article I will be discussing the basic principles behind stage hypnosis and […]

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Street hypnosis the new art of hypnotizing people stone cold, out on the street, at a party, in the office, anywhere you find yourself wanting to show off your new skills and amaze people with the stunning power of the mind. You may think it’s impossible to hypnotize people with no script, no relaxation, no […]

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If you want to know how to hypnotize someone specifically, you should be aware that it is thought that some very literal minded or distrustful people cannot be hypnotized, and many hypnotists also believe that no-one can be hypnotized against their choice. However, this is still a matter of doubt. Also, people vary in their […]

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Is it really possible to secretly hypnotize other people, so they respond to your commands and do what you ask without thought or objection? Well, yes and no. While unfortunately you can’t just say one word and instantly force the entire world to be at your beck and call (note: if that were possible, do […]

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