Have you realised that contrary to what many people may think, there is more than one type of hypnosis?

Hypnotic suggestions can be so powerful, that responsible practitioners know that a person may not even know they have had a suggestion planted in their mind. They have a valid reason for doing so. The power of hypnotic suggestion is very strong, and in the wrong hands, suggestions can be planted in peoples minds, even though they aren’t aware of it.

This method, of hypnotizing people without them knowing, is called covert hypnosis.Because it is so effective, covert hypnosis needs to be used morally and ethically, otherwise it can be very harmful.

It is an amazing tool though when used correctly.

Think back to when you last saw a charismatic and effective speaker ‘ if you’ve done this you’ve already experienced covert hypnosis. Being persuasive and effective as a speaker is exactly what covert hypnosis is all about. A large audience is just as easy to influence with these methods as a single person.

Some sales people can sell their product so well, that you happily buy it, then you get home later and think “why did I buy that”? The sales person, probably without realizing, was using this technique to sell to you.

Masters of covert techniques are able to have great power over the decisions their subjects make, and over the subjects themselves. You don’t need to be a sales person to use this power, it can be used in any situation you can think of.

With covert techniques in hypnosis, you can get your children to obey you, clients to agree with you, colleagues to see your point of view, in fact, get almost anyone to say “yes”.

The possibilities with covert hypnosis are endless.

Think of almost any situation and because it is such an amazing tool, you can probably use it in resolve it.

These methods require you to get into your target audiences subconscious.

In order to gain control over their subject, a covert hypnosis practitioner uses a combination of several hypnosis techniques, which include the three main principles of suggestion, personal trance words and command tones in their voice.

As amazing as it sounds, you can sound like you’re just carrying out a normal conversation, while speaking and placing commands into the unconscious mind of your subject.

You would think that because it sounds so easy, there would be a lot more people practicing it? People learning covert hypnosis is on the increase, but there’s still not very many masters out there.

A lot of people are discouraged and give up, simply because they haven’t taken the time to learn the basic principles of hypnosis.

To gain more power and satisfaction, you need to take the time to master covert hypnosis. You will find you get what you want far more often, and you’ll find you can easily convince others to do things your way, therefore increasing the quality of your life.

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This is a most powerful tool when placed in the right hands. To discover more about these techniques watch this video now.
You can also get more information on what is possible from one of the masters of Covert Hypnosis

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