When a woman is attracted to a man, it’s as if she is hypnotized into a brand new world of magnetism and appeal. Everything she does is for the man to notice and acknowledge her back, at the same time, everything the man says she will view as an encouragement and will promptly do it as well. Strong attraction can make you do unpredictable (sometimes wild) things, and what more can a man ask for when he can attract women through hypnosis seduction? That’s what we call pure, amazing bliss.

We are not talking magic or enchantment here and do not expect me to give you wicked potions or love spells to lure the woman of your dreams into your arms just yet. Let me explain a bit…

Women are attracted to power and confidence. Need I elaborate? You must at least project an aura of authority and poise for a woman to get pre-hypnotized with your charisma and allure. Attracting women or at least get them to be interested in you through hypnotic seduction does not require you to dress expensively or to look like a million-dollar just to be sensual and to ooze with sexuality. You can do that without the help of magic curses just yet. When talking to a particular woman, always aim for the eyes. Maintain eye contact and they will feel like they’re being smoldered by your gaze. Smile a little, laugh a little, flirt a little, act a little interested— never go overboard. Sure, this girl is hot and you’d die to score another date but acting too excited and eager will break the hypnotic seduction. Keep things in a minimum and stick to your guns. Chant with me: power and confidence, power and confidence. That’s all you need. Once you have these, everything will follow through.

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