I was reading the other day about the creation of the L’Oreal slogan “because I’m worth it” and why it appealed to so many women. The subtlety and art of good copy writing is, I have to admit, something which I am quite in awe of. This phrase, in a few short words, cut to […]

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HTML clipboard If you recall, how you covertly persuade someone not only depends on what you say. But how you say it as well. And that’s why the key to masterful conversational hypnosis is having a good grasp of your tonality when you speak. Essentially there are 3 different types of tonality. Each with different […]

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billgood on July 18th, 2011

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Hypnosis refers to the trance-like state of a person wherein they have a heightened sense of focus and concentration. It is also a state wherein a subject has reduced peripheral awareness, with feelings of extreme calmness and relaxation. This state is brought upon by a series of actions and suggestions by a hypnotist. However, many […]

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