A couple of years before, I wanted to have the newest items from a luxurious supply in the uptown area. My hubby was hesitant to splurge that much since the holidays were fast approaching, and extra expenses were predictable. However, a little amount of the silent treatment was all it desired to make him realize how seriously I wanted them. And, I did make them at the last. This is indeed one of the most successful mind control techniques on the face of the Earth. ~ Mariz

Mind control is the word used to refer to the use of various tactics to influence the person mind. With this process, an individual’s own thinking is affected in unconscious ways. Therefore, the behaviors and emotions are also affected. The practical application involves the way one’s decisions are formed with the aid of such subvert manipulation.

There is a present thinking though that mind control is something harmful. This is based on the attacks opposed to the forces of mind control in relation to an individual’s free will and self-determination in making choices and decisions.

Mind control is a purely neutral theory. Going back to its basics, there is nothing more involved in mind control other than the attempt to communicate with one’s own mind. This has been found to remain a very valuable skill to get to know one’s potentials and abilities, which is essential in figuring out how to deal and be able to use them to the greatest level.

The power of mind control is widely used. It has develop into a part of the natural flow of things that we stop to acknowledge and be bothered by its existence. After all, it only becomes debilitating and bad while paired with destructive intentions.

One of the most common mind control technique is hypnosis. This can be in the form of self-hypnosis or be used on other individuals. The effects of this are very powerful in all its sense since it can completely control the person under hypnosis inside stipulations of their point events. This is the generally ordinary form of mind control and has been used by many to make others follow what they want. Cults and the likes have been allegedly using this skill to bring in additional members into the groups.

Another technique, which is obviously shown in Mariz’ story, is the silent treatment. This is commonly thought of as simply a part of an individual’s personality. Such thinking is real, but the act itself has a particular effect on the person’s own decisions. In that process, it becomes a valuable and successful mind control tactic.

The use of subliminal messages is also a mind control technique. This is made without the receiver actively knowing that it is taking place. A applied illustration is the taglines on TV commercials and other forms of advertisements. The process of how they affect one’s thinking cannot be perceived with the individual eyes, but it does exist and can be proven with how a person’s set of view and feelings about something do change.

The practice of mind control techniques is something that should be done with greatest care and sense of responsibility. Its effect can be encompassing and has the ability to be used in a harmful way. Hence, one who has the knowledge and skills in such should be responsible enough when making use of them.

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