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  1. Fru says:

    Unfortunately, a lot of those ploepe who claim they can hypnotize you also refer to hypnosis as a school of psychology. It is not. These ploepe are hacks. Hypnotizing someone is rarely, if ever, possible. And of the ploepe who say they were successfully hypnotized, they are more than likely playing along. A lot of those ploepe *want* to believe they were hypnotized. Most of the time, when whatever was trying to be achieved was achieved, it’s because the subjects already had a strong desire to be successful. Example, when using hypnosis as an effort to quit smoking, stop drinking, or lose weight (those are the big three) are successful, those ploepe already made the commitment to succeed. Hypnosis more than likely gives them accountability by way of reminder. Now, if you want hypnotic feeling, there are a number of meditation methods you can do to relax. These are sometimes considered hypnotic methods but they are actually meditations or simple breathing exercises.

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