Not a few people have the impression that hypnosis is some sort voodoo or ingenious trick run by stage hypnotists like David Blaine. This false image was created by mainstream media and man’s natural fascination for the unnatural.

Ever wonder why all captured footages and photos of UFOs and the Yeti are blurred and almost unrecognizable? It’s because man would rather entertain the unnatural side of things for the mere fact that it’s unnatural and unheard of. That’s exactly why hypnosis and self hypnosis, despite being accepted as a wing of professional medicine, it’s still welcomed by a lot of raised eyebrows caused by our innate preference for the unknown.

To settle this myth, let’s look a the big difference between clinical hypnosis and the stage hypnotism many people are familiar with.

While watching stage hypnotists perform, recognize some of the techniques they utilize. First the performer asks for volunteers from the audience. These are people who might well have had a drink or three, and their inhibitions are reduced, or someone who’s actually part of the whole act.

Let’s assume it’s the former. Onstage, the performer will try to select those volunteers he or she feels will most readily comply with commands. Those who are judged to be “fighting” or “resisting” will be dismissed. The showman is often very adept at reading body language and other subtle signs that indicate that the subjects want to do as they are told and put on a good show.

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Jerico Gonzales is just a random guy lucky enough to discover body and mind wellness thru hypnosis and hypnotherapy training.

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