In the past, one of my aims was to go out into the world, grab a passer-by, and immediately hypnotise them. I now know that, while this can happen under certain circumstances, it is a bad idea.

So when do I hypnotize somebody?

This is where pretalks come in. The purpose of a pretalk is primarily to prime the subject for hypnosis - where you take the soft, malleable consciousness and prepare it for easy entry into the hypnotic state.

What IS a pretalk?

A pretalk is basically a short chat to your subject about the hypnosis session. It is, of course, done before you “put them under”. It will increase your chances of success with the person by as much as 10 times, so I generally try to use one.

The Elements of a pretalk.

Imagine you are about to be hypnotized. You don’t know anything about hypnosis, and yet some guy is going to put you to sleep and perhaps make you cluck like a chicken. If your subject feels like this, it is likely the hypnosis will be difficult, at best. So the first element:

Remove their misconceptions

The average person who is not hypnosis trained will see hypnosis generally as a tool for humiliation/control. In your pretalk, you must eliminate this fear, or anxiety. The more relaxed a person(s) is, the easier they can go into hypnosis. An example would be: “…now some people think that hypnosis is some kind of mind control – but it isn’t, it’s a tool that you can use to accomplish pretty much anything in your life. Remember, at any time that you want to stop, you can just say so and we can…”

Using stories

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Ben M Lawson -
About the Author:

Ben Lawson is a young hypnotist from the UK. After three years of expert tuition, he is just beginning to make his mark on the hypnosis world. Watch this space, more is on the way…

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