How do you write a sales letter that sells?

The well crafted ones will have the blueprint that contains the techniques that will convert your prospects into a buying customer.

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Always tell your prospects what to do and why they need to. It’s not about manipulating their mind but rather creating a state of mind that they will enjoy buying your products or services.

You don’t need anything else at all; in fact this is a complete set of techniques.  I suggest that you start right away doing exactly what I tell you to do. That will get you results quickly and effortlessly. Then you can adapt things over time and completely customize it to fit your niche business…

“You” is the most commanding word that you can embed in your sales letter. This hypnotic effect will make your prospect follow whatever your instruction is:

You’re going to get everything you need to do to implement the Internet Cash Generator tactics. You can rest assured that you’ll have your own Money in the Bank machine set up for you…

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