There are many articles out there that describe hypnosis business building strategies, however there is still one thing that makes all this work.  This one thing is so crucial that without it your business will fail to launch to great heights.  The key ingredient to making all of these strategies succeed is inspired action.  Taking action is what makes your dreams become a reality.  Being self-employed and responsible for generating my own income from an early age, trust me I can completely relate to all the fears, doubts, and procrastination one can face as they forge ahead to their goals.  In this article, I want to share with you a few powerful thoughts that has helped me plow past those doubts and helped me take action even when faced with fear. 

“Fail Forward Fast.”  This powerful thought has helped me tremendously over the years.  I heard this line on my first ever audio program “Passion, Profit, and Power” by Marshall Sylver and it has stuck with me.  At first glance, this saying may appear to be negative, especially to a group of very positive hypnotists, however if you really absorb what this means you will discover that it is a very positive and effective motivator.  Many people worry about making things perfect, fear failure, or want to know exactly what to do in order to succeed.  Instead of concerning oneself with these things, it is more important to just take action and see what happens.  By taking action you will either succeed or get one step closer to what does. 

“The Thought Is Always More Overwhelming Than The Task.” I heard this influential thought from my good friend as well as someone I highly respect and admire, Tom Nicoli.  I find this statement to carry tremendous power and one that resonates a high level of truth to me.  So often our minds want to play tricks on us in order to maintain the status quo and keep us from growing.  The mind tends to make tasks, especially new ones, much bigger than what they really are and such a major thing.  Once we transcend past the mind, more often than not we discover that the task itself is relatively easy to accomplish.  I remember when Tom Nicoli started World Hypnotism Day and introduced the idea of getting mayoral proclamations from cities declaring January 4th World Hypnotism day.  When I heard this idea it was music to my ears.  I thought what an awesome way to do something great for the profession as a whole and in the process get some free publicity. However, even though the entire process was broken down for everybody on the WHD website since it was something I never did before my mind started playing its tricks.  My initial thought was it was going to be a difficult task to complete and so needless to say I procrastinated on completing it for weeks.  Eventually, it was getting closer to the deadline date for this task and since I was committed to doing this I finally took action.  In less than 30 minutes, I had my first mayoral proclamation from the city of Pittsburgh.  The thought of this being a big task caused me to procrastinate for weeks instead of just taking action and realizing how easy it really was.  I now always replace any negative thoughts about taking action with “the thought is always more overwhelming than the task” and then just do it.  This has helped me majorly and it will for you as well. 

“Champions Are Made When Nobody Is Around.”  This is what my father would tell me when I was growing up playing sports.  He impressed upon me the concept that time spent practicing equaled awesome results on the playing field.  This saying of his has inspired me for the majority of my life.  It helped me to realize that in sports, it is too late to develop your skills when you are in the game.  Game time is when you demonstrate your skills and talents.  The same thing is true about our profession.  It is too late to learn hypno-skills when a client is in your office.  Use your downtime to sharpen your skills so you can be the most effective you can be in your sessions.  I recommend using this powerful saying when you are just sitting around.  Trust me it will inspire you to get up and take action. 

These 3 powerful thoughts have always helped me when I needed to get up and take action.  It is my sincere hope that they will inspire you as well.  Always remember that action is the key ingredient to success and achieving your dreams.  By just doing something you are always moving closer to your goals. 

John Weir -
About the Author:

Since 2000, John Weir has been working full-time as a NGH Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor.  In addition, John has a BA in psychology, a NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Life Coach.  In 2008, John was awarded the NGH Charles Tebbetts award for “Spreading the Light of Hypnotism” and the honor of “Distinguished Practitioner” from Pnosis an online hypnosis magazine.  Over the past few years, John has been a member of the NGH faculty and is a regular presenter at the NGH Annual Convention and NGH Solid Gold Weekend, and was on the 2009 NGH Platinum Success Panel.  John is the author of The Crash Course in Selling Hypnosis and the creator of numerous hypnosis audio programs including The Mental Caddie golf enhancement system.   

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