Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send people secret messages, messages that can make people do and feel whatever you want, all in the course of a normal conversation? If you could persuade and influence people to do or think whatever you like, without them being any the wiser, and all during a normal, quick, […]

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There is a hidden you somewhere in there, a person that is smarter, faster and more creative than you could possibly now. In fact, many of us are walking around carrying a ‘super’ version of themselves within their body, hidden deep within the recesses of their subconscious mind. Mental experts have attributed the brain with […]

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Many times when learning hypnosis, a student is first directed to try self-hypnosis, this gives them time to learn while practicing on their own without any outside pressure. This can help to ease any tension or relieve any stress you may have about trying these techniques for the first time. Once you learn these techniques […]

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