As more and more people develop problems in their lives, hypnosis is becoming a popular and safe way of dealing with them. In most cases, a person will consult with a hypnotherapist in an attempt to help them deal with issues like addiction, pain and even mental problems brought on by an accident or other […]

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Have you been trying for a long time for that weight loss you have always wanted? Do you struggle with your food cravings and weight control? We imagine you have tried every diet available and none succeeded;  well,  if this is you,  then read on as you find out about a brilliant medical therapy that […]

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As a golf psychologist, I am especially interested in the importance of separating the conscious and unconscious elements of the pre-shot routine and the actual striking of the ball. In an ideal world, we should use our conscious rational mind, sometimes referred to as our Left Brain, for planning our shots and our unconscious instinctive […]

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The ability of conversational hypnosis, for some people, is innate. Many of the people who have this power are successful businessmen, leaders and even film stars. Yet majority of them are unaware that they have this power. And of course, there are those people who just haven’t got that talent in charming or convincing people. […]

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billgood on October 12th, 2011

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