The movie Inception has provoked some thought about people’s conscience or subconscious behavior and how our actions can be influenced.  Without revealing the details of the film, I had the chance to remove myself from the film after I seen it and reflected about how much of a real possibility that this can occur, to be manipulated in our dreams as well as our own thoughts.  What I was closely to make a comparison to I discovered was the use of hypnosis, to be hypnotized to do a course of action that we may never otherwise do in our present state.

In hypnosis our minds dwell upon thoughts or events that may or not had happened. You can walk the experience of the emotions you felt at the time and of others in the environment that you had become a witness of the accounts that unfolded. It is here where information can be retrieved as it was in the case of the film Inception they are “extracted” and the pertinent information is used for some purpose or task. Also in hypnosis you can be impressed into a state to where an individual may be then introduced to carry out a task that perhaps may be conducted unknowingly.

In both of these manipulations of the mind, the subject can do involuntary events contrast to what they may not ordinarily perform. You are thus placed in a separate frame of time and mind. You have no control of your faculties in your logic and reasoning. It is only until you are pulled or “kicked” from what you were programmed to performed, do you actually realized you were contrary to that of your normal behavior.

The film Inception exhibits what if our very dreams can be manipulated so much that we believe in that dream in our subconscious that the actions we take from the result of our dreams are believed in so much that it becomes the fabric of ourselves, that the course of action taken from the dream now becomes voluntary. We thus are now thoroughly knowingly convinced in the decision made is the way we chosen to lead ourselves of the desired outcome.
This type of powerful “inception” inserted in our most personable and  vulnerable moments where we are having a swirl of thoughts hovering in our minds over matters during the time which we dream, makes a quite powerful concept for an intriguing thought if something of this instance to occur. The changing of government officials, business and financial transactions, fraud manipulation,  the social landscape, all such activities can never be uncovered or to have been found to be altered because all parties were willing voluntary participants.

Christopher Nolan’s Inception has created a fictitiously possible film that is already is actively possible to some measure in hypnotherapy.  The film lends itself to discuss the approaches in learning about the human thought contained in the complexity of our brains and how much is still unknown about us in this capacity. Films that touch about our human psyche and the use of our intellect are vital to our development even if it may be fictitious in its content. I recommend the film for its value of debate and whether or not this film is well received.

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DSW is a poet and creative writer of various subject matters to strike the reader’s intellect to view perspectives other than whats on the surface.

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