With the right training it is amazing how easily people can be swayed, their ideas and emotions changed, and their behaviors influenced.

Provided your intention is to do good for others and help them overcome problems, then you are invited to read this article, and discover the biggest secret that persuasion psychology has to offer.

Learn this secret, and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to get others to do what you want them to.

The secret: it’s not what they THINK, it’s how they feel.

Despite what we are taught in school, the reality is people are NOT persuaded by rational arguments or sound logic. People are lead by the heart and by the gut – people are lead by emotion.

The emotional center of the human mind is the subconscious or unconscious mind. The unconscious mind picks up on the signals (such as body language and tonality shifts) that your conscious mind misses, and releases chemicals which control your feelings and desires.

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