First and foremost, we can try the whole sticky eyes concept, which has been written about quite extensively by most love authors. When you are facing your quarry and want to attract their attention and at the same time, let them know that you are interested, try this method. Look at them full in the eyes and slowly, but surely, drag your eyes away. The lingering presence of your gaze would cause an almost hypnotic effect on them and it makes them wonder just how fascinated you are with them in the first place.

The next thing you might want to consider is the laughter technique. By itself, it is a great way for you to bring in some atmosphere into the whole situation and when the apple of your eye is making a joke or saying something funny, be sure to laugh first and perhaps laugh the loudest. But of course you should not over do these things and make sure that you do not do them often as well. You will bring attention to yourself and subtly let your quarry know that you are keenly paying attention to everything that they are saying.

The other thing is the whole concept of dressing to impress, and this is really an important part of your whole seduction game. You are dressing to impress and preening your best feathers all the time will surely get you noticed. In the end of the day, it is about being noticed isn’t it and the bolder you dress and the more striking you look, you will be able to focus their attention on the most important thing: you. It doesn’t have to be totally revealing or anything, but it must arouse the other’s imagination.

You also might want to find out as much as you can about the other person and use this to your advantage to pull off one of the best dates they have ever experienced. It does not have to be extravagant but, it must impress them to the point that they will be totally impressed with you and the most important thing is to have them remember it. Lingering memories make them want to relive the whole experience again and again, which means that they will be calling you out on more and more dates in the future. Once that happens, things are literally in the bag.

The last thing you might want to consider is that you might also need to know which buttons to press. Coming up to the date or even at first meetings, you have to learn the art of studying what your prey is talking about, and just jump in with your two cents. Stimulating conversation can lead to something else, and you never know what the outcome will be like. There you can lead him or her into a more cosy area and steer the conversation to something much more sensual and stimulating. Closing the deal would then be a cinch from there.

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