Feminization has become quite a popular practice especially among transsexuals. It is the deliberate effort to adapt the traits of the female – their appearance, behavior as well as actuations. This is done as an ultimate expression of one’s personality as well as desires.

This allows the male to attain the transformation that they normally would like to achieve. Though society is yet to understand and accept this, feminization continues to be prevalent especially in the world of transsexuals.

Feminization has several types. It could be temporary or permanent. The temporary types include cross-dressing, changing names, forced and hypnotic feminization. Cross-dressing is where the male wears feminine clothing to appear feminine. This provides him satisfaction and considers the act gratifying for he gets to experience how it is to be feminine even for a short period of time.

Changing names has also become a common practice especially for transsexuals. This is transforming masculine names into more female-sounding names. Name changing is similar to the special language of transsexuals which is also referred to as gay lingo.

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