A testimonial of sorts:

As an actor for me learning about hypnosis was more than a personal turning point. It became one of the main tools for professional improvement. The first treatment, after a long relaxation session when I suddenly lost all the hidden fears and pains that were lying upon my chest and immediately started to cry, is an event that I will never forget.

Unfortunately in the coming weeks I found out that although I kept going to my weekly treatment and spent time working on self-hypnosis at home, it became more and more hard for me to reach the same lightness of the body,insouciance and by product of this also confidence, focus and a calm mind. As time went by I learned that the times when I could be easily self-hypnotized where exactly the times when I was already relaxed. It seemed that there was vicious cycle that worked against me, a fact that was very frustrating to me.

In the next phase I became really obsessive with hypnosis. I bought several audio sessions and several books, I read articles and books of Eerickson and Spiegl, I learned and practiced the Ellman technique and all this was very helpful. However in the same periods that I really needed the hypnosis – when I was out of focus and perturbed, nothing helped me. I came back to my hypnotherapist, explained to him my problem but he could not understand me.He kept on saying that all those relaxation strategies should work and that’s that. At first I didn’t know what to think. But when I came home I had the following idea – maybe he doesn’t have this problem because of the added value that he is hypnotizing other people and not just working on himself. This, I thought, was something I could learn to do myself!

Now I changed my strategy. I started to research the area of hypnotizing other people instead of just working on self-hypnosis. I was amazed to find how many subtle tips and ideas there are behind the procedure of getting yourself in your full control. I will explain what I mean by that. There are many people that stopped smoking, lost weight or got rid of stammering with a professional hypnotist but I haven’t heard of anybody achieving that through self-hypnosis. Why is that so? No hypnotist gave me an answer for that question. And you know why? Because they really don’t know. Because no hypnotist has ever thought of the idea to teach you how to treat yourself by teaching you how to hypnotize other people. You can go on using what you already know but this won’t give you more than a clue about the possibilities of hypnosis. What you can do with it for your living, your mind and you loved ones I live for your imagination. And believe me, your imagination knows better than you. Of course you need a good source on the subject, one that will guide you clearly through all the stages of the learning process and answer your questions when they rise in your mind. One terrific book that I can recommend is called The Underground Hypnosis Masters Edition. Remember one thing – What makes self-hypnosis so hard is that either with or without a tape or a video knowing what is going to happen weaken the efficiency of the therapy. Just when learn how to give suggestions to another person you can leave the part of your mind that is organizing the session, either by phrasing the suggestions by itself or by playing the video or the tape, out of what happens to you. And that’s a crucial element in hypnosis – something happening to you and making the change that you need so much.

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